Special Assistance

Mock Interview

Sessions to prepare the candidates for University interviews.

Airport Assistance

Airport assistance is also given viz. how to manage the things while departing for abroad.

Application assistance

Checking filled out applications and scrutinizing all application documents, chasing timelines to name a few.

Accommodation Services

Guidance about how to arrange a suitable accommodation is given to the students opting for studying abroad.

Visa Assistance

Last step is to prepare for the interview and documentation for visa, preparing for departure and pre-departure guidance.


A very crucial part of the application process, providing insights on essay writing, ideation and fine tuning of essays and SOP etc.

Scholarship Assistance

Majority of the students are not aware of the fact that the cost remains almost similar for current on-campus financial aid package and to study abroad in addition to scholarships. The students paying out of state tuition in India can even afford studying abroad that too cheaper in comparison to on-campus semester.


Begins with Profile discussion and detailed analysis of the candidate’s strengths/weaknesses and a review of the candidate’s background and achievements. On the basis of this discussion, a personalized activity tracker is drawn so that leads to a definite profile enhancement of candidates.


The process starts with a clear explanation of documents involved for such applications. Each document is unique and has a separate implication and importance in the eyes of the admission committee. Creating flawless application documents is another strong point of the influencers.

Shortlisting of Universities

Perhaps the most crucial decision in the whole process. Our Consultants match the right list of Universities according to the profile.